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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 28, 2014 12:37am-1:08am EST

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a couple thousand ♪ ♪ bounce it (bounce it ) bounce it (bounce it) bounce it tonight on "nightline," making love not porn. >> this is my boyfriend. >> hello. >> it's not just the pros getting busy in front of the cameras anymore. east-west highway these couples are paying to capture their most intimate moments. and what happened when they asked our cameras to leave the room. >> these are amazing. >> and style wars. for hollywood a-listers, there's only one name that matters more than her gown's designer on oscar night. the stylest who can put her in it. >> isn't that incredible? >> tonight, we're going inside the high stakes world of top celebrity stylists. where the dresses, like the stars are one in a million. >> meryl, meryl!
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>> good evening. tonight, you're going to meet everyday couples who are making radical decisions. they are paying somebody to record them having sex on camera. it's been called personalized porn. however, the people making this stuff say it is art, not porn. so is this a beautiful way to immortalize an intimate moment? or another sign that americans are obsessed with attention and oversharing. abc's lindsay daift repovis rep our series "modern sex in america." >> this is not your typical photoshoot.
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in fact, these aren't even models. this is the latest way couples are immortalizing their love. consider it beyond beaudoir. in an edge where people are comfortable sharing the most intimate details of their personal life. >> we've been friends since we were 13. >> con stance and eric are taking pictures of rory and charlotte having sex. not posing, but having sex. >> things start slowly. as the moment gets too hot for our cameras, we are dismissed. >> so now we're going to do the whole shoot so we'll let you know when you can come back. >> this married couple's business is booming. this is the latest edition to their latest expensive body of work in the lucrative area of
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personalized porn. >> there is born again christians, there's people who you would completely expect to do this. >> eric and con stance live in brooklyn and have a 2-year-old daughter. but after dark, you can often find them inside a client's bedroom. >> we're going to shoot a couple having sex tonight. it's from their anniversary difficult to each other. >> this couple who asked us not to use their names wants sexy photos to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. >> she showed me the website and she said this looks kind of fun and it's something we do together. >> they have no plans to sell it or distribute it. the pictures are just for their personal pleasure. >> i guess we just want to enjoy them and -- >> not going to hang them on the walls? >> probably -- well, i don't know. >> we haven't talked about that. >> con stance and eric insist
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their work is not pornography, it's art. >> we're kind of proud of what we do. we don't feel shame or guilt about what we do. >> each shoot can cost up to $4,000, but for our couples, the fee was waived simply for letting us tag along. >> making it a business thing, a professional thing, it makes me a lot less nervous. this is something they're very good at. we're excited that they are excited to do this. you know, that we can find people like that. but a >> reporter: but are nies private moments really appropriate for public consumption? >> i never have issue what consenting adults decide to do with their bodies. >> this doctor is a self-described sexologist and author of the book "got teens?" >> i'm not sure how many people in our own lives want to be that involved in our personal
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intimate lives. >> and now you can not only share private moments but also cash in on them. it's a website that allows amateurs to upload their own sex tapes and sell them. violet and rye are make love not porn stars. >> it's starting to take off. a lot of people are trying to find us. >> they are husband and wife. both have day jobs but also like to upload video of themselves having real sex. >> we got a lot of people coming to the blog and commenting, saying this is the kind of thing we're looking for. >> the website was started by cindy gallup seen in this ted talk that went viral. >> that's an entire generation growing up that believe what is you see in hard core pornography is the way that you have sex. i conceived make love not as a crowd source platform where anybody can submit videos of themselves having real world sex.
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>> bart of the challenge these days living in this high-tech digitalized world is that what is ours often and very quickly becomes something that's not ours. so before you do anything that can be public, i just ask that couples really consider how they're going to manage the outcomes if the outcom are much different from their expectations. >> each private shoot takes about three hours, though the act may not take as long. we waite for an hour to get back into the studio. >> i'm usually not a person stuck for words. but these are amazing. >> it wasn't our first time>> it went good. i really enjoyed the experience. they made us comfortable. we enjoyed the experience. we talked to each other throughout. and he made sure i was comfortable. and it was good. >> wow. this is cool. >> eric and constance are now
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getting recognized for their work. the newseum of sex has added one of their works permanently to their collection. >> this is definitely a fine art company. . >> you see the movement, you see the bodies, you see the shapes. even though they're still photographs, you get that idea. >> i feel like people like it and we're going to have a larger audience to see it. and it kind of makes me feel more respectable, too. >> back in their bedroom, this couple can't wait to see their masterpiece. >> it will definitely be an anniversary to remember. and a present to remember, too. >> yeah. >> and to look at. >> thank you. >> no, thank you. >> quite a departure from the traditional fifth year anniversary gift of wood. for night lean, i'm lindsay davis in new york. >> what a country.
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all right, thanks to lindsay davis for that report. coming up next here, oscar mania has already taken over tinseltown. and abc, of course, has the big show this sunday night. we turn now to my "nightline" co-anchor who's already in hollywood. hey there, cynthia. >> thanks, dan. the oscar countdown is in full swing. as you can see right here behind me. oscar's all wrapped up but he's retd ready to go. it's not just about the movies. it's also about the dress. inside the make or break world of celebrity stylists. ever wonder what a $100,000 dress looks like? >> are these the oscar dresses. >> this thing must weigh ten pounds. >> at least. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.s everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ugh. geico. little help here.
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good evening and welcome back to hollywood. in less than 72 hours, this very red carpet where i'm standing is going to be chok a block full of the most famous stars in the world. while inside it may be all about the movies, outside it's all about the dresses. the style wars out here may be
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just as important as the battles enside in two of the most powerful stylists to the stars are taking us behind the scenes to see what it taeks to get red carpet ready. >> the awards may be presented inside, but these days, outside on the red carpet winners and losers are also crowned. and out here, the stakes are make or break high. a whole lot of casting directors are watching. i long with $40 million other people. >> a dress can change things for girls. >> do you believe that? >> absolutely. >> a fashion fail can hurt more than feelings. it can harm your career. who could forget cher's mohawk or york's swan dress. but that was before the rise of the celebrity stylist who become stars themselves. written about in this month's "vanity fair." >> ten years ago, people who were celebrities used to go to
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parties with perhaps a publicist. now the plus one is the stylist. the stylist is really the most important person in the entourage. >> image is power in hollywood. and two of the biggest celebrity stylists pull back the curtain of that secret world for us. >> okay, come on. >> are these the oscar dresses? >> these are the oscar dress. >> this thing must weigh ten pounds. >> do you think we'll see this on the red carpet? >> you might. >> nobody can just buy one of these dresses. they are one of a kind. >> i guess you would say good luck if you think it's easy to get the dress. >> good luck, exactly. spend an hour with me. >> and wildly expensexpensive. >> they go up to $100,000. >> this could be a winner's dress for sure. >> absolutely. >> reporter: to snag one requires months of negotiations,
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strategizing and sometimes even sharp elbows. it certainly requires hitting the pavement. and lots and lots of fashion shows. and that's where the stylist comes in. the person in charge of making sure the star is runway ready from head to toe. >> isn't that incredible? anyone can call themselves a stylist at the tippy top, there are only about 20 who matter. leslie freemar is all in the front row. >> everybody doesn't get every dress, right? >> oh, only one person gets the dress. >> over here, please, please. >> it helps when you have clients like she does, women known for their style. jennifer conley and scarlet johanss johansson. >> so it's both the clout and the clout of your client pop even event and how much exposure it will get. >> her fashion bonifieds run
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deep. she got her start as an assistant memorialized in "the devil wears prada." >> your incompetences doesn't interest me. rsvp yes. drop me off the 9:30 and pick me up at 9:45 sharp. >> when leslie hook me to the michael cors boss, her old boss was a few feet away. >> she's just very professional and gets it done. >> reporter: freemar shows us some of the designs her clients have worn. >> this is actually a dress that christian dior made for charlize for the golden globes. this is an old dress when johnny diano was at dior. it got mixed review, but i really loved it.
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>> in fact, this dress was largely panned. >> ci in nnnabon. what is she doing? >> that's not very nice to hear, but joan rivers is a comedian. she's not a fashion critic. so you have to take those things with a grain of salt. >> reporter: so when you hear it's been less than 100% successful, what do you do? do you call her? >> yeah, you call her and you see are you okay? and she'll be like i'm fine. okay, let's time it will be a home run. >> leslie is again styling charlize for the oscars. it's only a few days away. i assume the dress is made at this point. >> i wouldn't b assume that. it's being made probably as we speak. >> someone is sewing somewhere. >> a lot of people are sewing. meanwhile, out in los angeles, carla welch is getting two stars
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ready for the big night on sunday. she's known for putting justin bieber in the drop cross pants. >> can you tell me who you're dressing for the oscars? >> no. one of them is very top secret. >> top secret? >> i fought for this dress. people wanted this dres. and it's nerve wracking because award season is, like, the flu. it goes on and on and on and on. >>. >> reporter: awards season is like the flu? >> it goes on forever. >> of course, it's not just oscar season. stylists are busy year round. whenever a major star goes on the road to promote a movie, it means she'll need dozens and dozens of outfits. if you put a star in a dress that someone had once worn? >> this is the death of a stylist.
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>> reporter: the death of a stylist. >> i was being dramatic. >> if you're wondering if what an actress years makes a difference, consider lupit lupita nyongo. nominated as best supporting actress for "12 years a slave." >> somebody like lupita nyongo is incredibly beautiful, incredibly hot actress nobody has really known her before. >> her talent got her nominated but her style has launched her into a whole new level of fame. >> you might get a role because someone saw you in that red dress or green one. o. >> absolutely. 100%. >> reporter: that's a lot of pressure. >> yeah, sure. but it still has to be fun. >> everyone is screaming your name. >> i love you, meryl! >>
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tomorrow night on "nightline," boy do we have a special oscar show for you.
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hollywood insiders dish dishing on this year's nominations. >> it's not going to win best picture, is it? >> it's not. >> they're going to make their predictions about who's going home with oscar. plus, robin roberts, exclusive with ellen degeneres as she gets ready to host hollywood's biggest night out. >> i'm sure i'll be writing up until that morning. now i'm working on what isle be doing throughout the whole show because i'm be in the audience a lot. >> and speaking of getting ready, i need to get ready myself. now most of us won't ever have a stylist, but i got a chance to find out what it's like to get the vip treatment and red carpet ready. >> i headed to fifth avenue in new york city where i met up with deandre distran. his assignment, find me an osz
1:05 am
ca oscar-worthy dress and accessories. >> within minutes, deandre has loaded me up with treasures. >> we're in the right place. they have a branch of rent the runway just upstairs. beautiful things, huh? >> this is really cute. >> i told deandre, no sleeveless, no strapless. >> dress one. >> number two. >> number three. >> i like it. he doesn't like it. >> okay, 30 years ago, i would have loved it. >> too small. >> what do you think? >> you look amazing. >> well, i did pick a dress in under an hour. it rents for $160. our thanks to deadre. your oscar is in the mail. i'll wear the dress tomorrow night for our special oscar broadcast. hope you'll join us.
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thanks for watching abc news. we're always on line at abc good night america from hollywood. first of all, michael and geoffrey are so cute. ha ha! thank you. very friendly and helpful and all the kids love them, i love them. well, thank you. they are very special, and they're so excited about doing a comedy routine at the winter concert. it's so cute! you must be very proud. oh, yeah.
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winter concert? yeah, ray. you know about that. oh, yeah, i know about that. i just can't believe it's winter already. he's been practicing their routine with them. he's this totally involved dad, yoyou know? yeah, and if you need any help telling them apart, i'm your guy. well, actually, it's gotten easier. but there are some... differences. yeah. you start seeing it around the eyes, right? sure. that, and then there are some other...diff-- well, let's se um... these are e the pre-kk assessment forms, and here are some numbers, and they bh know their numbers, but they each got the "9" wrong. they said it was a "6." that's a common error. know, i guess, if you showed it to 'em like this... right? i mean, it could've been upside down. uh, no. we show it to 'em like this. but t don't worry, it's a-- common. it's a common error. and, uh...well, here are some letters, and they both know all their letters-- well, i do that with them every day.


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